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Yukon Health Insurance Plan

Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan (YHCIP) provides coverage for medically required hospital and medical services, and certain dental-surgical procedures.


- What is covered: Certain dental-surgical procedures that have to be performed in an approved hospital. Children’s Dental Program: a school-based dental program for children grades K to 8 (or 12 depending on the community), provides diagnostic, preventative, and restorative services. Recall exam every 2 years. Seniors aged 65 and over receive up to $1,400 in a 2 year period for dentures and rebases once every 5 years.
- What is NOT covered: Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan (YHCIP) does NOT cover routine dental care and dental surgery performed outside a hospital.

- What is covered:
Seniors: Pharmacare program pays the total cost of the lowest-priced generics of all prescription drugs listed in the Formulary, including the dispensing fee. Must be Yukon resident at least 65 years old or aged 60 and married to a living Yukon resident at least 65 years old. The Pharmacare program is the payer of last resort. Children’s Drug & Optical Program: assists low-income families with the cost of prescription drugs for children under the age of 19 after satisfying the deductible. Chronic Disease Program provides benefits for Yukon residents who have a chronic disease or a serious functional disability after satisfying the deductible.

- What is covered:
Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan (YHCIP) covers physician services and hospital charges. Doctor fees and hospital fees incurred outside Canada are paid at Yukon rates.
- What is NOT covered:
There are financial limitations to your coverage for medical or hospital services outside Canada. The additional charges are your responsibility. Costs for treating an illness or injury in the United States, Europe, or any foreign jurisdiction may be significantly greater than your basic Yukon physician and hospital insurance coverage. The amount you will be responsible for could amount to thousands of dollars. Purchasing additional health care insurance when traveling is recommended.

- What is covered:
For seniors under the Pharmacare program: one eye examination, new lenses, and a maximum $100 toward the purchase of frames once every two years. Children’s Drug & Optical Program: one eye examination every two years, glasses every 2 years to a maximum of $200.
- What is NOT covered:
The following services are not insured physician services: Services provided by optometrists and dispensing opticians, including the provision of eyeglasses.

- What is covered
: Physiotherapy: covered when performed in a hospital.
- What is NOT covered:
Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan (YHCIP) does NOT cover services provided by podiatrists, osteopaths, orthodontists, and chiropractors. No coverage for services provided by an acupuncturist, massage therapist, midwife, homeopath, or nutritionist.

- What is covered:
The following in-patient and out-patient services are insured when administered at an approved facility: Accommodation and meals at standard ward rates; Necessary nursing services; Laboratory, radiological, and other diagnostic procedures; Drugs, biologicals and related preparations when administered in a hospital; Use of operating room, case room and anaesthetic facilities including equipment and supplies; Radiotherapy services where available; Physiotherapy services where available; Services provided by hospital staff; Emergency and non-emergency out-patient services.
- What is NOT covered
: The following services are not insured hospital services: Special nurses requested by patient or family; Preferred accommodation (semi-private or private); Crutches and other such appliances; Drugs for outside the hospital; Dental procedures except where there has been prior approval given, and where the patient must be admitted to hospital; Nursing home services.

- What is covered:
Coverage for acute care only.
- What is NOT covered:
Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan (YHCIP) does NOT cover crutches and other such appliances (eg. Braces and walkers), except for some medical appliances needed by children aged 16 years or younger.

- What is covered:
Children aged 15 and under who are not covered by parents’ plans receive 100% coverage. Individuals aged 65 and over are covered for 1 hearing aid every 4 years.
- What is NOT covered: Hearing Aids are not covered unless you are eligible for a government program (see above).

- What is NOT covered: No coverage.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The information on this web page is for illustration purposes only. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information. Coverage details are subject to change. For complete benefits, terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions, please contact Yukon Health and Social Services.


Last revised in September 2020.